If you have been struggling for months to improve your website’s Google search engine rankings, and seem to be getting nowhere, you may want to look at guest posting as something that could help.

Guest posting can be extremely important in Google rankings, especially if you choose the right guests, and if you are able to post articles on their websites as well.

What is guest posting? — There are two types of guest posts when it comes to improving a website’s search engine results.

The first is a post written by a guest that is then published on your website with a backlink to their site. The post will usually be on a topic relevant to your site, and may even be a paid post if your guest wants more exposure for themselves and to their site.

The second type of guest post is one that you or someone in your company writes. That is then published on another website, with a link back to your site.

In both cases, they can be extremely helpful in improving your Google rankings.

How do guest posts help with Google ranking? — The first type will usually mean your guest will share the link to their article you have published on your site on their social media accounts.

This will immediately earn you several new backlinks to your site.

As Google takes the number of backlinks a site has into consideration when choosing how to rank it, the increased number could boost your site further up Google search results.

The second type of guest post means, once your article is posted on the other person’s website, a backlink will also be placed on it back to your site. This will allow traffic from that site to visit yours much more easily and, if the site owner promotes your website heavily, you could see a large increase in traffic.

Again, the backlink the person places on their site will also tell Google your website is relevant, and they will use that information when ranking your site.

How to get guests to post on your site? — You first need to ensure you only have the right guest posters for your site. These should be people that are relevant to the industry or field your site is involved in, or people from other websites similar to your own.

Having guest sites that seem connected to your site in subject matter is important to Google. That is why, if your website is about pop music for instance, you should not choose a guest poster who wants to write an article about a new pharmaceutical drug.

Your first steps then are to identify possible guest posters, and then approach them asking if they would like to post an article on your site.

If you want to post an article on their site, you should have a topic in mind. You should then contact the site’s webmaster and ask if they would be interested in publishing an article you will be writing.

As you will be writing the article for free, many webmasters will jump at the chance of getting free information for their site.

Once an agreement has been reached and the articles have been written, then either you should post the guest article or the webmaster of the site you have contacted should posts yours on theirs.

Just remember to add their backlink to any article they write, and request they promote your article on their social media accounts to get backlinks for your site if you are the one providing it.

What kind of response can you expect? — You should get a good response from any guest post. Especially if the other website promotes it.

The response could be in increased traffic to your site. It could even mean other sites begin linking to your website once they discover you through the article you wrote.

Every backlink helps persuade Google your site is important, and every guest post should give you at least one new one.

If you follow the same step with several sites, and end up with more than just one new backlink, your website could move up the Google rankings quite quickly.